In our Behind The Book series, author Shawn Sayner shares insight, information, and fun facts about her very own picture books. 

What is this book about?

Happy Holidays For All is a picture book about recognizing and accepting the wide range of holidays people celebrate. What makes it unique is that it focuses on feelings and behaviors associated with inclusion as a whole, as opposed to specific holidays.

Who is this book for?

Happy Holidays For All was created for preschoolers through third graders. It’s a special introduction to the topic for young children, and an important conversation starter for older students who are beginning to develop research skills.

Why was this book written?

One of my favorite holiday movies to watch with my son is Arthur’s Perfect Christmas. It not only shows families with different traditions, but also addresses confusion and exclusion when some characters realize their plans and priorities are not the same as others. Children are so eager to learn, and I was reminded that the winter holiday season presents another wonderful opportunity to continue teaching kids about diversity and inclusion.

How was this book illustrated?

Happy Holidays For All is illustrated using photography of my friends and family, editing original images with special finishes. The photos capture many truly joyous moments, with many different groups of people over many different occasions.

When was this book published?

Happy Holidays For All was released on paperback in 2016.

Where is this book found?

Local libraries and book stores can order Happy Holidays For All through their normal channels, so please ask them about it if you can’t find it where you look for books. Happy Holidays For All is also available for you to order online anytime.

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